Maghe Sankranti Festival observed in Nepal!


Maghe Sankranti is seen on the first of Magh, Nepali month (normally mid January) that demonstrates, the beginning of longer and moderately hotter days. On this day, the sun is accepted to begin pushing toward the northern side of the equator. In that sense, Maghe Sankranti is like solstice celebrations in different religious customs.

Maghe Sankranti, is commended in everywhere throughout the nation and a portion of the networks, for example, Newar in Kathmandu valley, Tharu in the Terai and Magar praises this as one of the greatest festival. In western Terai, it is accepted as a promising and hallowed custom are completed beginning from Makar sankranti day.

Maghe Sankranti has its own legend, a shipper from ‘Bhadgaun”, presently Bhaktapur , Bhaktapur had a thriving business. He was selling sesame seeds and his stock could never wrap up. Inquisitive, he hunt down the hint and discovered Lord Vishnu’s godlike object underneath the seeds. He then revered it with the conviction that it had brought him supply of nourishment, thriving and riches. The symbol of Lord Vishnu is known as “Til Madhav”.

Today, this celebration is praised by taking ceremonial dunks in the heavenly waterway combinations, most remarkably in Devghat, Chitwan. Families get together amid the day and eat dinners together. Sesame seed laddus, molasses, ghee, sweet potatoes and yam are incorporated into the menu. Individuals love Lord Vishnu amid the month by offering him pujas and perusing the hallowed Bhagwad Gita, otherwise called, the “Melody of the Gods”.

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