Red Panda Trail


Looking for Red Panda

Investigating the wild nature of Nepal

On 20 Dec 2019, I set out with a scholar companion Kamal Thapa and picture taker, anthropologist and movie producer Sudorson Kari to Rasta for this excursion, investigating the wild idea of Nepal, looking for Red Panda. The drive to Dhunche by Jeep, the most ideal approach to arrive, was nevertheless extremely rough and I almost harmed my head and neck, being at the secondary lounge. We investigated the winged animals around and visited the national park and figured out how to see and photo a few feathered creatures, for example, Streak Laughing Thrush, Green-upheld Tit, Rufous Tibia, Himalayan Bulbul alongside Muntjac.

Next morning, we left Dhunche passing Phedi or Mini Gosainkund, just before we made soak move through the woodland. The woodland was in all respects energetic with the feathered creatures all over the place. A couple of stops of tea and after late lunch, we landed at Sin Gompa, additionally called Chandonbari, that has numerous traveler lodgings and Cheese manufacturing plant. Despite the fact that we, were at that point behind our timetable to get to Jolangpati, we were welcome to have tea, that was decent. This influenced us to touch base to our goal in dull however great to be there for warm tea and dalbhat. Next morning after the morning meal of Champa porridge and egg we set out looking for this subtle Red Panda. We went toward the north of Jolangpati and travel an a significant separation through the rhododendrons and conifer woodland. We got welcomed by various yet exceptionally timid Himalayan Monal, our national fledgling. In spite of the fact that, we found the old droppings of Red Panda and some new droppings from Musk Deer and Shrew. We crossed numerous frigid streams and rivers yet the inquiry was futile and needed to return without seeing it.

After some dialog among our self and lodging, we chose to proceed onward to Lauribinyak. Lauribinyak is around, one and half hour stroll up the slope and absolutely additional time following day. It was totally brilliant night and morning. We had with the full moon and warm eating corridor, that we imparted to numerous Nepali understudies heading out to the lake. No western visitor disregarding such a stunning time and less touristic season.

Woke up with incredible morning could at present observe the moon going down the Himalaya, astounding perspective with some piece of Tibet. On our voyage to phedi today, we visited this sacrosanct and significant wetland of the nation, Gosainkund at 4300m, that was solidified.

Furthermore, in the wake of appreciating some time there and shooting Alpine and Altai Accentors, we crossed the breezy and cold Lauribinyak pass (4600m) and slid to Phedi in another region of Nuwakot for the medium-term. This territory is additionally notable for Red Panda and subsequently was our other region to investigate. We truly had an incredible any expectation of experiencing it on the trail however the trail wound up so long, multiple times longer than, what we were told. I do love to investigate the new region and new trail and this is common when we depend on neighborhood’s time, the typical thing and experienced this multiple occasions before. No Red Panda, today yet at the same time there was somewhere else to investigate, we were told. We got contacts of the general population, associated with this territory, shockingly we just met them in Kathmandu in the wake of returning to Kathmandu. We were so drained with the precarious and long downhill from yesterday and no individual to talk the assistance, we chose to return to Kathmandu. Subsequent to morning, around 3 hours of strolling, we boarded on the Deluxe transport at Ramati. The adventure took 6 hours, for this simple separation of 60km. It was not a direct result of street but rather in view of regular stops, the transport was making, to get the general population. The Jolangpati, Ghopte and Phedi territory and Ghyang Phedi, are a portion of the problem areas of this astonishing untamed life Red Panda, that will be investigated once more.

See you next time without a doubt!

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